About Us

Blanchard’s Contracting LLC was established as a single-member limited liability company in December of 2006. Blanchard's Contracting specializes in providing the following services:

General Construction

Blanchard’s Contracting is able to successfully accomplish construction on renovations, stick-builds, LEED rated, and highly secure facilities under numerous NAICS Codes relating to 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction.

Professional Services

The professional services range from task-oriented, clerical, technical to consulting services and are ideally suited for your requirements. Although acquisition support and other professional services are among our core capabilities, Blanchard's Contracting is also a State of Virginia Class A Contractor (classification AES, BLD, ENV, ISC, and LSC).

Training Programs

Blanchard’s Contracting is a premier provider of the Federal Contracting Workforce Certification (FAC-C), Levels I, II and III. This certification is designed for civilian agency and DoD contracting professionals who are looking to keep up with the ever changing acquisition field.

About Mr. Blanchard

President and CEO, Quentin W. Blanchard, is a service-disabled veteran, with decades of experience in the contracting industry. After 21 years of military service with the U.S. Air Force, including many years as a contracting specialist, Mr. Blanchard worked as a consultant to companies, contractors, and government agencies of all types. His experience, along with his devotion to quality and drive for excellence, adds to the value Blanchard’s Contracting provides to clients.