Navy SEAPORT E N00178-11D-6469


To be listed upon award.


Blanchard’s Contracting LLC Core Competencies:

  • Federal Contracting Workforce & Services
  • Program Management
    • Expert staff to monitor, evaluate and report project outcomes
    • Careful organization, coordination and supervision of all projected requirements
    • Ensure mission remains on schedule and on track
  • Pre-award and Post-Award Procurement/Contracting
    • Acquisition Consulting
    • Acquisition Planning
    • Commercial Competition and Marketing Research
    • Conditions, Assumptions, Constraints, Baseline Costs and Independent Government Cost Estimates
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Preparation of Performance Work Statement/Statement of Work
    • Proposal Preparation
    • Contract Management, Administration, and Surveillance
    • Contract Closeout


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General Services Administration (GSA)
Michael Holness
Office 202-205-5570
Cell 202-731-2898

Barbara Wilson
Office 202-404-7003

Department of Labor (DOL)
Karen Day
Office 202-693-4016


Blanchard’s Contracting, LLC, is a minority, service disabled veteran-owned small business providing acquisition, contracting, and procurement services to State and Federal agencies. The President and CEO, Quentin Blanchard, capitalizes on over 25 years of technical and managerial experience in the field of government contracting. Blanchard’s Contracting, LLC, understands the challenges facing acquisition professionals and has the requisite experience and know-how to address those needs.

Blanchard’s Contracting, facilitates synergy in the acquisition process by clearly identifying client needs (from simplified to complex acquisitions) and through a working application of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), 27 DCMR, generally accepted business and contracting practices, acquisition law, and the operating policies and procedures of each client. Blanchard’s Contracting, LLC works with the client to develop solicitations and contracts from conception to contract award and close-out; affording agencies to focus on their primary responsibilities by supporting timely contract award and administration.

Blanchard’s Contracting, offers its employees a full range of benefits to include health, dental and employer-matched 401(k) packages as well as payroll processing administration offered by ADP. Business matters for Blanchard’s Contracting, LLC, are handled by a legal team, an experienced certified accountant, and a web site development, optimization, and monitoring team.

Blanchard’s Contracting has provided an array of non-personal support services to State and Federal agencies as a prime and sub contractor. Our proven performance is a reflection of our ability to manage, administer, support and complete all required tasks as outlined in the Statements of Work or Performance Work Statements. Blanchard’s team of dedicated professionals determined to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by helping customers succeed and leverage best value from its solutions. We offer flexible premium cost effective support tailored to the client needs.

Blanchard’s Contracting’s experience, proven processes and inherent ability to source high caliber talent are core ingredients to our success. The Washington DC and surrounding areas affords Blanchard’s a talented and seasoned pool of professionals. Our expertise allows us to source talent for key positions across technical and business disciplines. Our recruitment efforts will focus on the right personnel for the right project. Recruited personnel will have demonstrated the required skill sets for each issued task order. Upon hiring the recruit, Blanchard’s will train its personnel on its professional standards.

Blanchard’s Contracting’s mission is to provide high-performance, results-oriented contract acquisition and administration and services. Our firm boasts 25 years of technical and management experience in the realm of Federal and Defense, as well as private sector acquisition and administration. We are motivated to exceed customer needs and expectations.


Quentin W. Blanchard
601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
South Building, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 703-565-6087
Fax: 703-580-6099

Principal & Professional Services Office

925 Corporate Drive,
Suite 203, Stafford, Va. 22554